Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for MRO, Military Shipbuilding Programs and many others.

Supplier Contacts

NASSCO has qualified suppliers all over the world. The vision of our company is to be the best shipyard in the world. We rely on quality suppliers to maintain that standard. Contact the following individuals for information and service.

Logistics Routing Guide

This guide is for shipments consigned to General Dynamics NASSCO, San Diego, CA. Failure to comply with these instructions, which results in additional freight costs, shall result in a debit to the seller for transportation costs, plus administrative fees, unless authorized by the NASSCO buyer prior to shipment.

Security & Access

Government security requirements and export regulations require NASSCO to enforce strict access control procedures for all employees and visitors to our facility. All visitors to NASSCO's facilities, including customers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and temporary employees, must comply with the following procedures.