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Security and Access Procedures

Attention Vendors and Contractors: Important information regarding Naval Base Access!

All Naval Bases located in San Diego will implement new access requirements effective Thursday, (September 1, 2011). As of 9/1/11, "Existing Contractor Badges" will NO longer gain contractors/vendors access to any Naval Base in the San Diego area.
Contractors/ Vendors wishing to access Naval Bases in San Diego will now be REQUIRED to obtain one of the following access type passes/badges for entry:
1. NCACS (Navy Commercial Access Control System) - Access Badge (Issue by EID, Inc. with RAPIDGate- )
2. CAC Badge - (Issued by Government Sponsor- SWRMC)

3. Day Pass - (Issued by Pass & Decal at Naval Station daily)

For more information regarding implementation of Naval Base Access, please contact RAPIDGate at or email
You may also contact NASSCO Security Administration for further details at


Government security requirements and export regulations require NASSCO to enforce strict access control procedures for all employees and visitors to our facility. All visitors to NASSCO’s facilities, including customers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and temporary employees, must comply with the following procedures:

  1. Each visiting organization or individual must submit to NASSCO's Security Office a visit letter on NASSCO's Visitor Authorization Letter (VAL) form prior to arrival. The VAL must specify the purpose of the visit, the locations to be accessed, the duration of the requested visit, and the appropriate contact person at NASSCO. In addition, the letter must include the following information on each employee:

    1. Name - Last, First and Middle
    2. Position/Title
    3. Last Four Digits of Social Security Account Number
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Place of Birth - must include city, and state or country
    6. Citizenship
    7. Document Number, if born outside of the USA

      • If the employee is a Naturalized U.S. citizen, the document number must be included.
      • If the employee is a non-U.S. citizen, the country of citizenship must be listed with an indication of temporary or permanent alien status. The alien registration number must also be included.

        USA, Naturalized or Mexico
        Naturalization Certificate Number or Permanent Resident A#01234567

    8. Acknowledgement of completion of a background check and drug screening regarding each employee, accompanied by a copy of the background check results (if not designated a NASSCO “Trusted Contractor”). A background check encompasses a criminal check (Federal and State) and credit check (when applicable).
    9. Revolving Door check acknowledgement
  2. Each company is required to verify the citizenship status of their employees. Employees claiming to be U. S. Citizens must have their citizenship verified by their respective employers by examining one of the acceptable documents (ref. NISPOM Paragraph 2-207) indicated below:
    • Birth Certificate. Birth certificates must contain the raised, impressed, or multicolor seal of the registrar's office. All documents submitted to your company as evidence of birth in the U.S. must be original or certified documents.
    • Certificate of Naturalization

    If citizenship was acquired by birth abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents, the following is acceptable evidence:

    • Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (form FS-240)
    • Certificate of Birth (Form FS-545 or DS-1350)
    • U.S. Passport or Passport Card (current or expired)
    • Record of Military Processing - Armed Forces of the United States (DD Form 1966), provided it reflects U.S. citizenship.

    Foreign Nationals claiming to be permanent residents of the United States must have their status verified by examining the following document:

    • Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551.
  3. Visit Authorization Letters (VALs) must be certified by a representative of the subcontracting company attesting to the truth and accuracy of information contained on the form. This can be accomplished by several methods. The VAL can be signed, scanned and electronically transmitted, or faxed, or mailed to NASSCO. In the alternative, a separate, signed cover letter may be crafted to accompany the VAL. The letter can be scanned and electronically transmitted, or faxed, or mailed to NASSCO with the VAL. In either instance, electronic transmission is preferred.

    Each VAL (or VAL plus accompanying cover letter) sent to NASSCO containing updates, additions, deletions and/or revisions to personnel lists must be signed by a representative of the subcontracting company certifying all changes.

    VALs may be e-mailed to the attention of NASSCO’s Security Administration Department at the following address:

    VALs may be faxed to (619) 544-8599.

    VALs may be mailed or delivered to:

    Security Administration
    General Dynamics - NASSCO
    2798 East Harbor Drive
    San Diego, CA 92113

  4. NASSCO requires that prior to gaining access to its facilities, and/or access to naval vessels, subcontractors shall provide current Certificates of Insurance evidencing all insurance coverages and endorsements as required by the contract or agreement. Please contact Risk Management at 619-544-8719.

  5. NASSCO’s Safety Department requires that the Notice of Safety Requirements be reviewed and the appropriate documentation returned prior to the start of any work. Utilize the following documents to meet the safety requirements.

    NASSCO General Dynamics

    Supplier Qualification Matrix

    Rev Sept 2014

      Document Description Typical Supplier Type

    Microsoft Word Document



    Guidance on Safety Qualifications for Each Tier


    To be provided by ALL Suppliers

    Tier 1 No Requirement
    Tier 2 Qualification

    Microsoft Word Document



    Basic requirements for transiting the facility.

    Required for all Tier 2 Suppliers or Subcontractors ENTERING NASSCO facilities. Tier 2 suppliers are those under NASSCO contract who perform the following:

    1. Delivery. Suppliers / Subcontractors who are required to enter the shipyard or any other NASSCO facility and who only deliver materials to NASSCO warehouses or non-production NASSCO facilities.
    2. Visitor. Suppliers/Subcontractors who are required to enter the shipyard or any other NASSCO facility but who do not conduct work in production areas.

    Microsoft Word Document



    Signatory document acknowledging Tier 2 Safety Compliance

    Tier 3 Qualification

    Microsoft Word Document



    Safety Requirements

    Required for all Tier 3 Suppliers or Subcontractors ENTERING NASSCO facilities. Tier 3 suppliers are those under NASSCO contract who perform the following:

    1. Shipyard and Ships. Suppliers/Subcontractors who are required to conduct work within production areas of the shipyard, ships at NASSCO facilities, Naval Facilities, MRO Shipyards or any other NASSCO facility.
    2. Service. For contract work consisting of engineering services, consulting, laboratories, construction management or construction services.

    Microsoft Word Document



    Detailed Survey of Safety and Health Management Practices and Past Performance


    Adobe Acrobat PDF

    NASSCO Work Instruction (WI) 305


    NASSCO Work Instruction (WI) 305


    Microsoft Word Document

    M(SDS) Review Form.docx


    Disclosure of Chemical Products used by Contractor in Shipyard


    Microsoft Word Document


    Notification to Ship’s Management whenever fall hazards exist, and when the work requires the removal of existing fall protection or creates a new fall hazard so that guarding can be initiated.

    It is your company’s responsibility to know and comply with the safety requirements of each job, including work specifications, applicable NAVSEA Standard Items, Federal OSHA and Cal-OSHA standards, and other relevant standards. Your company is responsible for providing the necessary training to ensure that your employees adhere to the applicable requirements while working at NASSCO facilities.

    Your company’s safety plan may be e-mailed to NASSCO’s Safety Department at the following address: or mailed or delivered to:

    General Dynamics – NASSCO Safety Department
    M/S 27 2798 East Harbor Drive
    San Diego, CA 92113
  6. Inserting your company logo/letter head onto the form.

    Option 1 (your company already has a customized letterhead template in MS Word Format):

    1. Verify by opening MS Word, and click on “File”, “New”,
    2. “Copy” logo or letterhead from MS Word and “Paste” into the MS Excel Visit Request Form

    Option 2 (your company logo is in a picture format, .jpg or .gif):

    1. “Copy” and “Paste” the image into MS Word,
    2. “Copy” from MS Word “Paste Special” into the MS Excel Visit Request Form.
      *Select “MS Word Document Object” or any option ending with the word “Object”
  7. NASSCO subcontractor’s requiring access aboard U.S. Navy vessels, please refer to NASSCO Subcontractor U.S. Navy Vessel Access Procedures.

    Your compliance with these requirements is appreciated. If you have any questions, please call NASSCO’s Security Department at (619) 544-3616 or (619) 544-8555.

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